USAFA Class Histories

USAFA Class Histories (UCH)


If you are a graduate, a cadet or someone who cares about the Air Force Academy, this site is for you. Welcome.

Part of the 50th anniversary gift by 1963, the UCH provides: Basic History for every graduated class plus searchable Academy Archives and Alpha Rosters.

An identified Heritage Project with links on the AOG website (, the UCH will continue to provide rich historical content for each graduated class. It complements 1963’s additional 50th gift initiative to provide a yearly stipend for the Character and Leadership Center and the Center for Oral History.

As you will see, 1963 chose to robust its class content with biographies, photographs and videos. Other classes may elect to do the same or add to the Archives. We can help.

For additional information: Contact 1963 Historian, Lou Matjasko, or 1963 Technical Officer, Gil Merkle . (Click to email)

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