F-105(Thud) On the Green

Class Motto: "Ense Petit Placidam" meaning "By Thy Sword We Seek Peace"

The design of the 1970 class crest is a product of the Class Ring Committee which presented the Class with several options to vote on. The Class selected a crest with the Latin words—Ense Petit Placidam—“By the Sword We Seek Peace”. Designed during the major conflict in Southeast Asia and at the height of the Cold War, this motto reflects the feelings of the cadets during this era. The Crest contains a sword and a Falcon soaring down in a powerful attack while grasping olive branches in its talons. Both reinforce the Class Motto. Polaris, the guiding North Star, is also portrayed and represents the true north of the compass of honor which all members of the Class of 1970 strived for during their careers.