F-105(Thud) On the Green

Class Motto: UT XIII Fatum Faceremus (We Make 13 Lucky)

As with all USAF class rings, our class did an excellent job of artistically incorporating the mandatory elements of the eagle, the saber, and Polaris. The eagle symbolizes our country, the majesty of flight, and the power of the Air Force. The saber, a ceremonial weapon carried by many of our classmates while at the Academy, represents leadership and our ability to lead and win in combat. Polaris, the North Star, guides us as we aspire to put into use the training we received at the Academy with emphasis on integrity, service, and excellence in all we do.

Unique to our ring is the formation of two SR-71s in the background, and the Roman numerals XIII, indicating that we were the thirteenth graduating class at the Academy.

Our motto, Ut XIII Faceremus Fatum, “We Make 13 Lucky”, ties in well with our class slogan of “71 Second To None”. While we cherished our days as a class, ’71 also felt the responsibility and need for self-reliance and self-determination. This is particularly apparent in the diversity of career fields in which our class was able to achieve success.